Redecorating and updating can be costly. As much as we wish that re-vamping a space was always easy and affordable – that’s not always the case. Textures, rugs, furniture, mirrors— it all adds up and finding the perfect balance of them all can seem impossible.
However, the good news is that with a few DIY’s, some thrifty thinking, and a few special pieces, you can have a grand space – at a steal.
1. Display An Antique
This is where thrifty thinking normally comes in. Finding one-of-a-kind pieces at your local flea market or thrift store that will work well in your home, is actually ridiculously easy. Once you have a general idea of the ambiance you’re trying to create, it’s time to hunt! An antique mirror, breath-taking piece of art, or any other attention demanding centerpiece can pull an entire room together.
2. Add Unconventional Shapes
Uncommon shapes draw the eye and create interest. Create depth with textured frames, scalloped curtains, rounded couches, and shaped lamps. Rooms with only simple-straight lines are sure to fall flat. Mixing shapes and textures will add a sophisticated edge to any space.
3. REAL Florals
Let’s be honest – is there anything more vibrant and beautiful than a bouquet of fresh flowers? Of course not. Flowers can instantly brighten and transform a room. You don’t need to go over the top with bouquets on every surface, however, be sure any bouquets you do display are full and lush.
4. Dimmer Switches
Transform a space immediately without changing any furniture or adding anything new by simply adjusting some lighting.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve this is by installing a dimmer switch for lights in your home. The flexibility of the dimmer switch allows you to change the mood of a room immediately and continuously.

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