We’ve all seen THEM. We’ve walked by them at the supermarket, we’ve stood next to them in line for coffee, we’ve seen them on our instagram feeds – people who just look so freaking good while simultaneously giving off the vibe that they don’t care. They woke up like this. No, they did not stand in front of the mirror for 45 minutes to assemble the outfit they’re wearing, they picked it blindfolded. Obviously. 
If you’re anything like us, picking an outfit to wear every morning is easier said than done. It’s not ‘effortless’ or at least it wasn’t until recently, when we started studying what exactly people consider to be “effortless” and how we could apply it to our own style and help you apply it to yours as well. With a little bit of research and simple tweaks to your closet, you can make putting together outfits as effortless as possible.
1. Get Rid of Items You Never Wear
The easiest and fastest way to simplify your life and bring you towards a more effortless look, is to get rid of items you never wear. Things that you don’t wear create clutter and muddy your image – Sort through anything you haven’t worn recently and decide if you want to donate it, gift it, or consign it. Set aside about an hour to sort through your personal closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you aren’t in love with.
2. Organization
When you know where everything is, finding the pieces you know will work together will be faster and make you more efficient. We found that organizing by type was what worked best for us (Short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, dresses, coats, etc) because it’s easy to manage and keep up with. Other great ways to organize your closet can be by color (visually easy for putting together outfits) or by season.
3. Effortless does not have to equal simple
Despite what Pinterest may tell you when you type in “effortless style”, your outfit does not have to be baggy blue jeans and a white T-shirt to be effortless (Unless that IS your personal style) – It seems like a common misconception is that in order to be effortless, one must only wear items that have been designed with minimal effort. Rather than only wearing basics, effortless style is about how items are paired, how they complement each other, and most importantly how you feel in them. When you feel your best, you look your best and this shines through in your style and in turn makes you look *effortless*
4. Staple Pieces
Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet, organized your closet, AND defined that effortless style isn’t about changing your personal style but rather embracing it, it’s time for the really fun part – Adding staple pieces to your closet which will further simplify your wardrobe. Staple pieces in general are items of high quality and versatility. They’re items you can wear over and over again to pull together outfits, highlight your style, and help give you a base to work with.
An important thing to acknowledge about staple pieces are that they are different for everyone. Your personal staple pieces will depend on where you live, your style, and overall practicality. Before you go shopping, let’s define what your staple pieces are and what purpose they’re going to serve. For example, we’re based in Palm Beach – therefore a coat would not be considered a staple piece for us, as it hardly ever dips below 80 degrees here.
Taking all of these things into account, consider what your staple pieces will be! Here’s a few suggestions from us :
It can be said that effortless style is about embracing your own style with confidence and removing items which muddy your image. Once you’re confident in your taste and have the items you need to look and feel your best, your style will shine through and make it easier for you to put outfits together – effortlessly.

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