Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook has fans across the world rejoicing – she’s finally launching her own beauty line, Tati Beauty.
In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Tati revealed that she’s been hard at work orchestrating the first launch of  her beauty brand for some time, all the while, she’s been keeping it a secret from her fans.
However, now the secret is out, and Tati Beauty’s first product is coming to market.
As per the video, Westbrook’s first product will be a 24 color eyeshadow palette. During the reveal video, Westbrook took the time to swatch the new eyeshadow palette, revealing some of the absolutely stunning colors the palette features, including some gorgeous glitters.
Toward the finish of the video, Westbrook announced to her fans that the palette will be available online via the Tati Beauty site on Oct. 25. Get your ordering-fingers ready, we suspect this launch is going to a quick sell out!

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