If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning the perfect Halloween outfit since, well…. August. What can I say? I love a reason to dress up, and even more so, I love a good costume. Which is why most Halloween costumes on the market today make me so terribly sad! They’re tattered, they’re NOT sustainable, they’re disappointing AND they’re expensive! $45 to be a sexy zombie? $60 to be va-va-voom witch?
Make it stop! We can do so much better!
Which is exactly why we’re going to go over how to create your best Halloween costume EVER using items found at your local thrift store – and bonus, you might just be able to pull it off for under $20.
 1. Plan it out!
Let’s assume you already have an idea of what you want to be (if you don’t, I’d highly recommend scouting Pinterest for some awesome ideas). Pirate, kitten, nurse, ghost, or fashionista – it’s likely you’ve got some kind of vision in mind for what exactly makes your prefect Halloween costume so perfect. Write down these items to help you prioritize once you’re at the thrift. 
2. Go Shopping!
It’s time to shop! Using the handy list you created above, scour the raks for the items on your list. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind :
  • Check out what the colors of the week are! Most thrift stores have one or two colored tags that go on sale every week. Exact percentages will vary based on the store, but you can probably count on at least 50% off the marked price. Extra tip for colors of the week : Every Sunday your local goodwill’s color of the week is only $0.99!
  • Use your imagination! Keep in mind that any items you find can be altered to fit your costume in whatever way you need! You can cut, sew, dye, distress, or paint to your heart’s content! Don’t pass up the perfect witch’s hat because it has a few too many flowers on it! Paint those flowers or just pull em off!
3. Enjoy Your Costume
Take it all home and put your costume together! If you’re lucky, you probably were able to assemble your costume for less than $20 and if you’re really lucky, your costume has some articles that you could re-work into your everyday wardrobe! 
Have a fabulous Halloween! 

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